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Partner Program: EPIC Funding Navigator

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Partner Program Open for Applications

MI Water Navigator aims to build a portfolio of resources from technical assistance to funding opportunities that will help Michigan communities implement water infrastructure projects. Our hope is to give communities the tools they need to not just improve their infrastructure, but to build for a more sustainable, equitable future. We’ve partnered with the experts at the Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) to bring an incredible opportunity for communities to get technical assistance for a deep dive into sustainable storm and wastewater infrastructure planning.

In partnership with the Michigan Municipal League Foundation and other organizations, EPIC’s Funding Navigator team helps utilities that serve overburdened/disadvantaged communities seek and secure public funds for water infrastructure. The goal is to ensure more communities benefit from critical investments in safe and climate-resilient drinking water, wastewater treatment, and stormwater management. The Navigator is part of EPIC’s broader work to advance innovative policies that provide equitable access to safe, reliable, and affordable water for communities and nature to thrive.

Utilities and municipalities that work with EPIC’s Funding Navigator team will gain access to resources that support the pre-development work necessary to submit applications to public funding programs. The Navigator team will connect utilities and municipalities with technical assistance and professional service providers and provide seed funds to diagnose problems, develop projects that are community-centered and financially and environmentally sustainable, and apply for funds. EPIC can also provide grants to community-based organizations to build capacity to engage in water infrastructure decisions and project planning.

If you are interested in working with EPIC’s Funding Navigator team, contact the EPIC Funding Navigator team today!

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Get Assistance

Our Helpdesk team can help with questions about funding opportunities, where to start, or where to go next with your community’s water infrastructure needs. Disadvantaged or overburdened communities are eligible for additional technical assistance completing applications. Request a risk free consultation with the Helpdesk today.