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Healthy Forests Protect Drinking Water (recorded 5/23/2023, 60 min.) 

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Ever wonder how land use impacts your drinking water?

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Stewardship Program is leading a team of conservation partners on a new initiative called “Forest to Mi Faucet” to share information about the connections between healthy forests and clean drinking water. Partners on the Forest to Mi Faucet team are helping municipal water utilities implement their source water protection plans to reduce nonpoint source pollution. The project will help rural landowners and urban residents protect important forests, manage forests better, and expand forests in strategic riparian locations.

Drops of Resilience: Empowering Communities through Source Water Plans (recorded 7/25/2023, 61 min.) 

This session will guide you through the development, update, and implementation of SWPPs in local municipalities. We’ll cover all the essential elements of SWPPs and highlight their significance with real-life examples from Michigan. Discover why managing the area around your public water supply system is crucial and gain insights into funding sources for SWPP development and implementation.

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